Public Sector in Startup Ecosystems

Strategies for startup ecosystem development. This playbook is for cities and regions.

The playbook contains stories, system illustrations and concepts for the development of the public sector and startup ecosystem and collaboration in it. Regions and cities compete globally for experts and companies. Innovative, communal cities with an open-minded atmosphere attract them, and people and companies are happy to settle in such cities to build their future there.

The way cities and regions develop their culture and the story of their communities with corporations, associations, experts and public sector organisations is decisive for the success of a vibrant startup and growth company ecosystem.

Operating in such an ecosystem requires that public organisations adopt new ways of working. The public sector cannot establish or manage the ecosystem. The ecosystem may or may not manage to establish itself, and collaboration requires participation in the community and enabling its operation. The public sector is expected to take the role of an enabler that has your back in tough situations.

The role of the public sector in the ecosystem adapts to the operation as a result of common effort. Public organisations need uncomplicated local structures that make it possible for them to abandon their organisational silos flexibly, without compromising the importance of the organisation to the entity.

The purpose of this playbook is to support the vitality of Finnish cities and regions by boosting the development of local startup ecosystems. If it can offer even a small piece of advice or support in tackling the challenge, writing it was worthwhile.

Taina Ketola